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We understand that a gift is a reflection of thought and affection, and what better way to elevate that sentiment than with a bespoke gift box? Our wide range of customizable boxes is not just about housing a present; it’s about making an unforgettable first impression. Crafted with precision and designed to capture the essence of your thoughtful gesture, every box in this category promises quality, elegance, and a personal touch that speaks volumes. Get the perfect custom boxes to encase your precious gifts. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, Bexo Packaging has you covered.

Custom Gift Boxes

Packaging Options for Gifts

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Why Choose Bexo Packaging’s Custom Gift Boxes?

Gifting is an age-old tradition, representing affection, appreciation, and sometimes even just a simple gesture of goodwill. While the gift itself holds sentimental value, the packaging plays a critical role in setting the stage for that big reveal. Bexo Packaging believes in making that moment truly special. Here are some compelling reasons why our custom gift boxes should be your first choice:

Quality Above All

Every box that comes from Bexo Packaging’s facility stands testimony to our commitment to quality. Crafted from premium materials and subjected to rigorous quality checks, these boxes are built to impress and last. Whether you’re looking to gift delicate items or something more robust, our boxes ensure that your gifts are securely and stylishly encased.

Sustainability Matters

In an age where sustainable choices are not just preferred but imperative, we take our responsibility seriously. Our gift boxes are designed keeping environmental considerations in mind, ensuring that while you’re giving a gift to a loved one, you’re also giving back to the planet.

Customization to Perfection

Everyone’s gifting needs are unique, and so are our boxes. With a plethora of designs, sizes, and styles to choose from, you can truly find or craft a box that mirrors your sentiment. From vibrant and festive to sleek and minimalist, there’s a box for every occasion and personality.

Bexo's Signature Touch

Our years in the packaging industry have endowed us with insights into what works and what delights. Each custom gift box carries Bexo’s signature touch, making it not just a packaging solution, but an experience in itself.

No Die & Plate Charges
High Quality Printing
6 Days Turnaround Time
Starting From 100 Boxes
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Frequently Asked Questions
What materials are Bexo gift boxes made from?

Our gift boxes are crafted from premium, environmentally-friendly materials, ensuring durability and sustainability.

Can I customize the size and design of my gift box?

Absolutely! Bexo Packaging offers a wide range of sizes and designs, allowing you to tailor the box to your specific needs.

Do you offer bulk order discounts?

Yes, we provide discounts on bulk orders. Please contact our customer service team for specific details.

How long does it take to deliver a custom order?

Custom orders typically take between 10-15 business days, depending on design intricacies and order volume.

Is there a minimum order requirement for custom boxes?

No, we cater to orders of all sizes, ensuring everyone can experience Bexo’s signature quality.

Are your boxes eco-friendly?

Yes, we prioritize sustainability, crafting our gift boxes from eco-friendly materials and processes.

Discover a world of creativity with our special add-ons. We have options like foil stamping, embossing, debossing, spot UV, and window patching. These things make your packaging look amazing. Your boxes will be more than just boxes; they will be like art that stands out and feels great to touch.

Gold Foiling
Spot UV
Spot UV
Window Patching

Discover different ways to make your packaging look and feel special. We have options like gloss finish for a shiny look, matte finish for a smooth and subtle style, soft touch finish for a velvety feel, and pearlescent finish for a touch of shimmer. These finishes don't just look good – they also make your packaging unique and enjoyable to touch.

Gloss Finish
Matte Finish
Soft Touch Finish
Pearlescent Finish
Pearlescent Finish

We use top-notch materials and techniques to make sure your custom boxes are strong and safe. We understand how important it is to protect delicate items, so our packaging solutions provide the best possible protection for your product.

Cardboard C1S​
Cardboard C1S
Cardboard C2S
Natural Brown Kraft
Black Kraft Finish
Black Kraft
White Kraft
White Kraft
Textured Cardboard
Textured Cardboard
Metallic Cardboard
Metallic Cardboard
Holographic Cardboard
Holographic Cardboard

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