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Why Choose Bexo Packaging

Choosing Bexo Packaging for your custom boxes means opting for exceptional quality, excellent customer service, and a vast range of customization options.

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The Essence of Custom Eyeliner Packaging Boxes

Every brand aspires to stand out, and packaging is the silent ambassador of your brand. But why are custom eyeliner boxes essential?

  1. First Impressions Matter: Before using your product, the first thing a consumer notices is the packaging. Therefore, a well-designed box can capture attention instantly.
  2. Protection: Good packaging ensures the eyeliner remains intact, preventing any spills or damages.
  3. Brand Recall: A unique design aids in brand recall, ensuring customers remember and come back for your product.

The World of Customization: More than Just a Box

Creating a box is an art, and there are myriad ways to customize it:

  • Material Choices: From sturdy cardboard to elegant glossy finishes, the options are endless.
  • Design Elements: Incorporating brand colors, logos, and other design elements can elevate the overall look.
  • Types of Eyeliner: Whether it’s for liquid eyeliner or gel, the box can be adapted accordingly.

The Blueprint: Designing the Perfect Box

  1. Getting the Dimensions Right: The size and shape are crucial. Whether you’re looking for custom liquid eyeliner boxes or ones for pencil eyeliners, the dimensions have to be spot-on to ensure the product fits snugly.
  2. Selecting a Theme: This encompasses color schemes, typography, and imagery. The aim is to resonate with the brand ethos and appeal to the target audience.
  3. Innovative Openings: Think magnetic closures, ribbon pull-outs, or even slide-out trays that add a touch of luxury.

Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes: Adding a Touch of Exclusivity

Printing can truly transform the look of the box:

  • Quality Printing: We prioritize top-notch printing, ensuring clarity and longevity.
  • Information: Ingredients, usage instructions, and brand stories can be incorporated, adding value for the consumer.
  • Sustainability: Opt for eco-friendly inks and share the brand’s commitment to the environment.

Keeping it Local: Custom Eyeliner Boxes USA

With the beauty industry booming in the USA, localizing your packaging strategy can be beneficial:

  1. Understanding Consumer Preferences: Americans have specific tastes, and a localized approach ensures those are catered to.
  2. Speedy Deliveries: By focusing on custom eyeliner boxes USA, the lead time is significantly reduced.
  3. Supporting Local: There’s a growing emphasis on local businesses, and this can be a great selling point.

Why We Stand Out?

In the sea of packaging providers, We emerge as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Here’s why:

Quality Above All

We never compromise on quality. Whether it’s the raw material or the printing ink, everything is scrutinized to ensure the best for our clients.

Expert Consultation

Our team is well-versed in industry trends and can provide valuable insights, ensuring your custom eyeliner packaging is nothing short of perfect.

Sustainability Matters

We care about our planet. Our eco-friendly methods and materials echo this sentiment, enabling brands to make a positive impact.

Venturing Beyond the Basics: The Art of Customization

With the cosmetic industry seeing exponential growth, differentiation becomes paramount. The customization of eyeliner boxes is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Advanced Customization Techniques

Innovations in the packaging domain have enabled brands to take customization to the next level:

  • Holographic Prints: Add a futuristic touch with holographic patterns. They don’t just look mesmerizing but also add a security layer, making counterfeiting difficult.
  • UV Spot Printing: Highlight specific parts of the box, such as logos or brand names, with UV spot printing. This technique elevates the perceived value of the product.
  • Embossing/Debossing: These techniques add a tactile dimension to your custom eyeliner packaging, making them stand out on the shelves.

The Power of Storytelling: Using Packaging as a Medium

Every brand has a story, and your packaging can be the canvas:

  1. Brand Journey: Share snippets of how your brand started, the challenges faced, and milestones achieved.
  2. Behind the Scenes: Highlight the process of creating the eyeliner. Ethical sourcing, cruelty-free testing, or handcrafted elements can be great selling points.
  3. Customer Testimonials: Including brief testimonials or reviews can build trust and show potential customers the value of your product.

Ensuring Sustainability: The Way Forward

In today’s conscious consumer market, the importance of eco-friendly packaging can’t be overstated. We recognize this and offer solutions that cater to this demand.

Materials that Make a Difference

  • Recycled Cardboard: Reduces the carbon footprint and supports a circular economy.
  • Biodegradable Options: These decompose naturally, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  • Plant-based Inks: Free from harmful chemicals, they’re safe for the environment and consumers alike.

Streamlined Designs for Lesser Waste

Optimizing the packaging design can result in using fewer materials, translating to less waste. Efficient designs can also reduce shipping costs, making it a win-win.

Collaborative Approach: Crafting the Best with Us

Our team believes in close collaboration with clients:

Brainstorming Together

We encourage a brainstorming phase where ideas from both ends—our packaging experts and the client’s brand team—merge to form a unique concept.


Before finalizing the design, we create prototypes. This ensures that the client can touch and feel the end product, allowing for any tweaks before we start bulk production.

Feedback Loop

We constantly seek feedback, not just during the design phase but also post-production. This helps us refine our processes and deliver better with each project.

Rigid Boxes Manufacturer in Custom Shapes and Sizes

Our skilled designing and printing workforce can make and convey. Custom rigid boxes are wholesale to all the retail brands in the US at a quick turnaround time at very affordable rates. In case you’re having trouble marketing your sophisticated products. Our lightweight and exquisite custom-printed rigid packaging solutions can incredibly help you in these undertakings.

Bexo Packaging guarantees to convey the best rigid boxes in the entire industry that suit the necessities of pretty much everyone. We urge that your custom rigid boxes assembling ought to be finished with remarkable designs crafted by the most skilled and well-equipped team in the whole industry. We have a group of well-prepared and dedicated experts. Who try to convey the preeminent quality packaging solution to a wide range of in-house, utility, retail, and store products. 

Realted Products

Discover a world of creativity with our special add-ons. We have options like foil stamping, embossing, debossing, spot UV, and window patching. These things make your packaging look amazing. Your boxes will be more than just boxes; they will be like art that stands out and feels great to touch.

Gold Foiling
Spot UV
Spot UV
Window Patching
Pearlescent Finish
Pearlescent Finish
Matte Finish
Soft Touch Finish

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